Push Ups in Hotel Rooms

Away from home and your regular exercise routine, the push up has to be best upper body exercise you can do in the convenience of your hotel room.

All variations of the push up will test your endurance, your core strength (the abs and lower back) and your posture, and since there are so many different forms of the humble push up, at your strongest, you could try a different push up style every time you workout in your hotel room.

Long gone are the days of standard push ups for eternity! 분당풀싸롱

While all push up variations will work your chest, shoulders and arms, the more challenging version you choose, the more your abs will be tested too.

I often do a push up routine in my hotel room, working up to 10 reps of 10 different versions – 100 reps per workout.

The simplest versions for someone just starting out would be kneeling push ups or raised push ups with hands on the side of the bed.

As you get stronger, you can move to standard push ups from the toes, and then single leg and decline.
Once these are mastered, the push up world is your oyster.

All it takes is a little inspiration and a lot of hard work.
If you think that bodyweight exercises are too easy or ineffective, think again!

The Fit Business Trip Fat Loss System started out as my own travel workout plan. As I got stronger and fitter, I added more challenging exercises to the mix, so that now I can workout all over the world, in the smallest of hotel rooms, and know that I’m guaranteed a fantastic bodyweight workout.

What’s more, all the exercises I now do burn the most body fat in minimal time.

If you’re BORED of normal push ups, or you’d like to know how to progress to new, more exciting and challenging variations, then Fit Business Trip can show you the way.

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