F19 Pro Camera Review – Pros & Cons


Buy the Oppo F19 Pro digital camera now, which comes with many amazing features, is made for flawless grip and also displays a trendy ultra-sleek design. It also boasts an amazing 4-inch display, great camera, and highly powerful processor. Its 4310 mAH lithium-ion battery is ideal for continuous use since it will never run out of power, even if you use it extensively. Plus, the camera comes with a unique cover that has a shockproof feature to protect against bumps and bruises. F19 Pro

The features and the looks of this camera are great. It is made with a sleek body that has been designed to fit with any one’s hands comfortably. And the battery of the F19 Pro will definitely drain your energy if you use it continuously for a few minutes. It is lighter and has a simple design, but it also features a high definition camera which will make your pictures come alive. This is so much better compared to ordinary point and shoot digital cameras.

If you want something with a lot of features, then this is it, as the F19 Pro features like an advanced Night Plus mode, a self-timer, dual pixel auto focus, and a manual focus. This makes it an excellent choice when taking nighttime photos. With its innovative technology, you can have more light and a clearer photo, so that it will surely impress anyone who sees it. You can also take photos in different lighting conditions, like dim light, low light, or bright light, with the help of its customizable Night Plus mode.

The f19 pro has a unique self-cleaning feature, which you can activate by pressing and holding the mode button for several seconds. It uses lithium polymer battery and unlike other cameras, it does not need a flash charge. The photo duration can be set to as short as just 1 minute. It will self-clean after some self-charging cycles. The f19 pro has a removable card slot for easily loading the program.

The front-facing eight megapixel camera on the F19 Pro is the best for taking a good quality photo. It is also very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. In the snap result, you can see your whole face, including your hair, so you can reduce the possibility of facial defects. For selfies, you can choose to render your upper and lower halves, or just the top and bottom. The F19 Pro can support both portrait and landscape modes.

On the other hand, the rear eight megapixel camera of the f19 pro is the main weakness. The resolution is not as clear as the one of the foto x Extreme and the photos have a washed out appearance. Furthermore, it has a tendency to shake when you move your arm, which can make it hard to take photos in low light situations. In addition, it lacks in video shooting. For this reason, the f19 pro is better suited for those who need an all-around great mobile camera with decent features.

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